Black Frame / Rectangular Tabletop

Tabletop in Pre-laminated board. To know more, watch the Videos in the Gallery. The Ab-Tab will soon be on Amazon again. Write to us for a direct order.



The AB-TAB metal frame is Powder-coated Black (Polyester-Satin finish).
Arm-rest and Back-rest are in PU foam (integral skin).
This tabletop is a rectangular Pre-Laminated board, the Color is called Ocean Pearl.

Dimensions=30x20inches, 8-10mm thick, logo routed on the top surface.


Please note:
Colours in photos may not show identical to the real one.
PU (backrest & armrest) during the moulding process sometimes can have some surface marks and these do not have any adverse effects on the functionality.
Tabletop should be handled with care as it is scratch prone and can break if dropped.
Please read the Terms&Conditions carefully.


Image 2: Close-up shot of the tabletop

Image 3: Overall dimensions of the AB-TAB

Image 4: Packaging for the AB-TAB